Our Trip to Oxford

So way back in May, we took a little weekend trip to Oxford…and then I forgot to blog all about it!  That’s OK though…I forget to blog about lots of stuff.  There isn’t a whole lot to say about the trip anyway.  Sarah had some kind of voodoo/witchcraft class in Oxford, so we all decided to go and make a weekend out of it.  Other than the “smartypants” dudes walking around with their tweed jackets and unkempt facial hair (Sarah likes to say that they are too busy thinking about how they’re smarter than you to shave), Oxford is a beautiful town.  Check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery.

2 comments to Our Trip to Oxford

  • Poor sad lion…and poor piggy roasting on a spit (unless it was a cold day; then I don’t feel as bad). Cool pics! And Simone scored an Oxford sweater. Outstanding!

  • Love what Sarah said about the unkempt facial hair. Maybe I will start calling Dave my “Oxford boy” when he lets his facial mane get unruly. Beautiful photo of you and Sarah and Oxford is unreal. I don’t even know how you guys are digesting all of what you see. You probably know the names of all the buildings, parks, lakes, artwork etc. I am very impressed by how much you are immersing yourself in everything. And for our benefit too!

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