Our Trip to Bath & the Cotswolds

Way back in August, the 3 of us plus Sarah’s mom took a road trip west to see Bath and the Cotswolds.  If I had actually written this blog entry in August or maybe September, I could have gone into all kinds of witticisms about every detail of the trip.  Those details are long forgotten. so you’ll have to settle for this drab post and some pictures in the Gallery.

I do remember that we drove right by Stonehenge on the way there.  It was right there!  We could see it from the car!  But, we didn’t stop (which was my decision) and then I immediately regretted it.  I also remember when we came around the bend and we could see all of Bath below us…stunning.  One of the most beautiful, picturesque towns I’ve ever seen!

Our hotel in Bath was perfect…centrally located, beautiful room, good breakfast, lovely hosts!  If you ever plan a trip to Bath, do yourself a favor and book a room at Three Abbey Green!  The main thing to do in Bath is walk around in awe of its beauty.  A lot of British towns start looking the same after awhile, but Bath is different!  Almost all of the buildings are built using “Bath Stone” (a type of limestone), which gives a unity throughout the city, yet makes it distinctive from anywhere else in the world.  So we walked around and saw Bath Abbey, the Circus (where Nicolas Cage sometimes lives), the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge, and all of the other amazing architecture.

The highlight of Bath, however, is the Roman Baths for which the city got its name.  The ancient Romans built a temple and public bath house on the site around 60 A.D., which was gradually built up over the next 300 years.  Sometime in the 6th Century, the baths were covered up in silt and flooding and thought to be lost, only to be rediscovered a few hundred years later to be used by Victorian British Royalty.  Now it’s a museum, and it’s beautiful and incredibly fascinating…even Simone loved it!  We walked on the same stone floors that the ancient Romans walked on, which is pretty amazing.

Next up was the Cotswolds, which is small area in England which used to be known for its wool (“the best wool in the worlds comes from England, and the best wool in England comes from the Cotswolds!”), but is now known for it’s open, green landscape which is dotted with impossibly cute towns filled with stone houses, old churches with cemeteries, and short high streets full of pubs, cafes, and shops.  We stayed in the town of Chipping Campden, which has a cool 400-year old market building standing in its center.  We spent a lot of time driving between towns and exploring them.  There are also public footpaths all over the Cotswolds (they’re all over England, for that matter…but especially all over the Cotswolds!), so we parked in one town and walked through green hills to another town (I wish I could remember which towns!).  Then we found a hotel with a restaurant in the middle of nothing, discovered it was waaaaayyy too expensive to eat at, and then walked back to the first town and ate dinner there.  From there, we went back to our hotel and, while Sarah’s mom put Simone to bed, Sarah and I went out out to the pub for a pint all by our-adult-selves…a rare thing anymore!

On our way back to London, we stopped at Cotswold Farm Park and let Simone run around and feed a bunch of goats.  She loved it.

So, there you have it…better late than never!  Don’t forget to look at our pictures in the Gallery…they tell the story much better than I did!

2 comments to Our Trip to Bath & the Cotswolds

  • You are always witty. I should hire you to make comments on our blog. “Tobin having fun” can only be used so many times.

    Thank you so much for all of the pictures. I really want you to know how much I appreciate your photo galleries. I know a lot of work goes into taking them and putting them up so know that they are much appreciated. I think I saw a number of places that have been in movies.

    Simone is a gorgeous doll. And she looks very intelligent too!

    Love and miss you guy terribly!!

  • Cori

    We are starting up a WordPress blog for WSUSpokane so I will be referring to your site for help. This is my first reference-can I leave a comment without logging first? I guess I will see in a moment…

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