Our Trip to England’s Southeast Coast

Back in October, we took a little road trip along England’s southeast coast.  We drove from London to Dover (stopping at William Morris’ Red House and Canterbury along the way), and stayed the night in Dover in a nice little B&B.  Other than Dover Castle and the seaside view, Dover was a yawnfest!  We went out for dinner at prime time on a Friday night, and the streets of Dover were empty and we ate in a nice Italian restaurant all by ourselves.  Well, at least Dover Castle was cool…when we weren’t being yelled at for showing up an few minutes before it opened.  Whatever, English Heritage jackhole…

Then we had a nice drive along the coast towards Brighton, driving through Hastings (where the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066) and stopping in sleepy seaside towns for beach frolicking and the world’s greasiest fish ‘n chips.  We finally reached our hotel overlooking the seaside and Brighton Pier.

Brighton is everything Dover is not…bustling with people, restaurants, shopping, activities.  Brighton Pier was Simone’s favorite, of course, and we spent quite a bit of time there considering it was right across the street from our hotel.  Rides, games, cotton candy (candy floss, they call it here), fresh doughnuts = too much cheesy fun.  We also took a tour of the opulent Royal Pavilion, which was worth it just to see the world’s most “stupendous” chandelier (the rest of the place was pretty dang cool, too)!

Don’t forget to check out the pictures in the Gallery!

2 comments to Our Trip to England’s Southeast Coast

  • Eric, Can you please add some pics of the Red House. This is a place I never thought I would set foot in and it was a dream come true to be there.

  • The castle is freakin awesome!!! I would like to live there and play knights of the round tables, me thinks!

    Where does Simone teleport to when she teleports? A secret base? A ballet recital?

    Hope you guys are doing well. See ya soon!


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