Our Trip to Devon

I posted pictures of this trip in our Gallery a few weeks ago, but thought I should finally make a quick blog post…at least so you all know to look at the pictures!

In January, we took a roadtrip to Devon (England’s west coast) with a bunch of our London friends (most of whom are American, but whatever).  We rented a big house overlooking the ocean!  It was beautiful!  The weather was nice (cold but sunny), we had the best fish & chips we’ve had since living in England, and we spent a good part of the day on the beach (which Simone loved).  After Simone went to bed, the rest of us adults stayed up late drinking, talking, playing “Would You Rather”, blowing up Fundoms, and breaking our feet doing 80’s dance moves (well, that last one was just Kate).  Good times.

Go look at the pictures.  Now.

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