About Us

As you can see from our picture, we don’t match…but that doesn’t mean that we don’t belong together!

Sarah and Eric both grew up in Spokane, WA and were married on December 16th, 1995 (we were very young!).  We waited until we finished college before trying to start a family, and ended up struggling with infertility for several years.  We knew adoption wouldn’t be easy, but we couldn’t be happier since Simone was born on December 16th, 2003.

After raising Simone in Spokane for over 4 years, we’ve decided to leave Spokane, our family, our friends, and most of our possessions and move to London.  Why would an American family with a preschool-aged daughter decide to move to another country on the other side of the planet?  And why London in particular?

  • First of all, we didn’t pick London willy-nilly off of a map!  We actually have been there before with Simone (who was almost 2 at the time), and we simply fell in love with it.  The culture, the people, the history, the architecture, the food (yes, the food!)…everything!
  • There happens to be a shortage of social workers in the UK.  Sarah will receive her Master’s in Social Work in June 2008.  Coincidence?  Well, yes, actually.
  • We love to travel, and would love to visit much of Europe.  What better way to do that than to actually live in Europe!  Instead of spending all day riding expensive airplanes only to arrive jet-lagged, we’ll be able to take a leisurely train ride or hop a quick flight and arrive at our destination quicker, fresh-faced, and with more money in our pockets!
  • Eric is a bass player, and the musical prospects in London are virtually limitless.
  • Finally, there’s Simone…or rather, firstly, since she’s the main reason we’re moving.  London is the most culturally diverse city in the world, and Spokane is ethnically 89% white.  It will be beneficial for her to see more people that look like her and more families that look like us.  Also, the opportunities for her will be boundless regarding education, travel, culture, etc.

Don’t get us wrong…we love Spokane and it will always be our first home.  Even though Spokane isn’t the most culturally diverse city in the world, we only very rarely experienced any racism (mostly dirty looks or overcompensation) – but sometimes you need a change, you know?  We also have no illusions of avoiding racism by moving to London, and we hope that we can give Simone the tools she needs to be able to manage those situations.

Are we being superfluous?  Are we completely crazy?  Only time will tell…