Time Machine!

To all of our friends and family at home, hello…from the future! While you’re sitting there in 2008 with last year’s haircut and a ridiculous amount of snow, it’s now 2009 here! I’m not supposed to say much about the future, but there is a couple of things to look forward to: flying cars and […]

Last Post From USA

Well, this will be my last post from America. We leave for London on Monday, and Sarah starts work December 1st! We’re very excited and very freaked out. The next time I post, I can remove the “(Soon To Be)” part of the “American Family Living in London” tagline. Also, I promise to find a […]

Work Permit Approved…Visas Next!

Sarah got her UK work permit on Friday. We finished all of our visa paperwork and FedEx’ed it on Monday, and it’s currently sitting at the UK consulate in Los Angeles waiting to be approved. If everything goes smoothly, we expect to have everything back to us by Thursday (maybe Friday) and then we’ll purchase […]

Cars Drool, Public Transportation Rules!

Since we should now be just weeks away from leaving, I decided to sell my car (we only need one car right now anyway). We completely cleaned, detailed, and waxed it…it looked pretty damn spiffy! I took some pictures and was all ready to post it on Craigslist, then Sarah’s car broke down. Kaput.

Fortunately, […]

Ghost Towns

So as we’re waiting (and waiting…and waiting…) for Sarah’s UK visa to be approved (her paperwork was sent to the UK Immigration Office last week), we are trying to find ways to occupy our time. We decided that we should do something “All-American” before leaving the country, and what’s […]

Last Day at SCC

Well, today was my last day working at SCC. I’ve been there for almost 6½ years, and I’d be staying there for a lot longer if we weren’t moving overseas. Anyway, it’s another important step toward moving, and I can now begin me new career as a “Man of Leisure”! Yay!

On the other hand, […]

Good News and Bad News

First, the good news: as of September 12th, we are officially renters of a flat in North London! For now, let’s overlook the fact that we haven’t actually left Spokane yet, and that we’re paying rent on a place we don’t currently live in. Also, it’s in East Finchley, which is just a bit further […]

Eric & Sarah’s London Adventure

As you’ve read, Sarah had an interview in London. The plane tickets were expensive (especially if returning within less than a week), so we decided to make a bit of a vacaion out of it. Now, it’s recap time! Everything all at once! Hooray! Oh, and you can click on […]


Sarah graduated, the smarty-pants! We’re now one step closer to moving to London! All we have to do now is wait for Sarah’s final grades to be posted, wait for her official transcripts to be sent to the GSCC, wait for the GSCC to assign her a registration number, get an interview (done! See Sarah’s […]

School Days!

Good news! Simone has been offered a place at Coppetts Wood Primary School this Fall! It is a state school, but it is competitive to get into the good schools so we couldn’t be happier. Coppetts Wood is located in North London near Alexandra Park. The school is located in the borrough of Barnet which […]

Becoming a Social Worker is Hard Work!

Warning…this may be boring to anyone who is not a social worker interested in working in the UK. I just thought I would do a timeline of the process of finding a social work job in the UK for anyone interested. My hope is that this can make it easier for […]

Moving Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so here’s the latest updates:

We officially moved out of our house on Friday, April 25th. It’s over. It’s done. There’s no going back. Driving truckloads of our stuff (which I thought we sold!) to Sarah’s parents all day and coming back to our empty house was very […]

Garage Sale

Our garage starts tomorrow. We’re selling almost all of our stuff: furniture, books, art, toys, clothes, tools, memories. They only stuff that we’re taking to London with us is some of our clothes, pictures, a few books and DVDs, a few of Simone’s toys, my bass…and that’s about it. Most of that stuff is packed […]


First, allow me to preface this by saying that I know that our house sold a few weeks ago, but since I just started blogging, I’ve got to catch up…OK?

So, we wanted to put out house up for sale in plenty of time to sell before we move. We were told that, within […]

Dear Snow…

Screw you.

Love, The Shears Family

PS – We realize the after living in London for a couple years, we’ll probably miss the snow. All the same, we stand by our original statement. Have you not looked at the calendar, snow? Spring started over 2 weeks ago, and we’re trying to get ready to move […]

Goooooo Shears!

So, there’s actually a reason we called our website Go Shears! A couple of years ago when Simone was not quite 2, she was kind of grumpy and Sarah and I were trying to rally her. So we knelt down and all put our hands in the middle on top of one another. Then Sarah […]