Simone Ain’t No Hollaback Girl

Simone Sings the Wiggly Woo Song (with a cute British accent!)

For those of you on “Simone’s British Accent Watch”, check out this video of her singing “Wiggly Woo”:

Disneyland Paris Video Preview!

I’ll write more about our recent trip to Disneyland Paris and Regular Paris later, but for now take a ride with us on the Mad Hatter’s Teacups…

Simone Tells a Story

During dinner on our last night in Nice, Simone was making up all kinds of stories for us. I captured this one on video about a baby dragon…

A Walk to Simone’s School

Every morning I take Simone to school via 2 London public transportation buses. It’s super fun (he said sarcastically)! Without Simone with me, I can walk the distance faster than the bus can take me, so to save some time and get some exercise I walk back home. Then in the afternoon, I walk back […]

The Explicit Post (aka A Bad Morning)

For those of you who know me, I like to intersperse the occasional descriptive “adult” word in my speech. It’s true, I throw down expletives all the time! I have made a conscience effort, however, to leave the naughty words out of this blog because I want anyone to be able to read it…including Simone […]

Tribulations and Accents

So, I must apologize again for not posting more often. I want our blog to be very honest about our experiences here, but there are some subjects that are simply too private to post on a website for the whole world to see. A lot of great stuff has been happening, of course, but my […]

Time Machine!

To all of our friends and family at home, hello…from the future! While you’re sitting there in 2008 with last year’s haircut and a ridiculous amount of snow, it’s now 2009 here! I’m not supposed to say much about the future, but there is a couple of things to look forward to: flying cars and […]

Christmas, etc…

Christmas has come and gone, and it was a pretty quiet one being just the 3 of us. On Christmas Eve, we went to the children’s Nativity Play at Holy Trinity church just around the corner from our flat. It’s a little church surrounded by an old cemetery where the tombstones are mossy, worn, and […]

London Updates

Since I haven’t been posting very often, it’s difficult to figure out what to write about…too much is happening! This has been a red-letter week since we finally, finally got real-live internet access of our very own! You would expect that living in one of the world’s largest and most metropolitan cities, you could just […]

First Post From London

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to write our first post from London…but we’re here, we’re safe, and we’re…OK. We didn’t think that this would be easy by any means, but we certainly didn’t think that it would be this difficult and stressful either! These past couple of weeks, we’ve gone back and forth […]

Good News and Bad News

First, the good news: as of September 12th, we are officially renters of a flat in North London! For now, let’s overlook the fact that we haven’t actually left Spokane yet, and that we’re paying rent on a place we don’t currently live in. Also, it’s in East Finchley, which is just a bit further […]

School Days!

Good news! Simone has been offered a place at Coppetts Wood Primary School this Fall! It is a state school, but it is competitive to get into the good schools so we couldn’t be happier. Coppetts Wood is located in North London near Alexandra Park. The school is located in the borrough of Barnet which […]