Our Trip to Devon

I posted pictures of this trip in our Gallery a few weeks ago, but thought I should finally make a quick blog post…at least so you all know to look at the pictures!

In January, we took a roadtrip to Devon (England’s west coast) with a bunch of our London friends (most of whom […]

Our Trip to England’s Southeast Coast

Back in October, we took a little road trip along England’s southeast coast. We drove from London to Dover (stopping at William Morris’ Red House and Canterbury along the way), and stayed the night in Dover in a nice little B&B. Other than Dover Castle and the seaside view, Dover was a yawnfest! We […]

Our Trip to Bath & the Cotswolds

Way back in August, the 3 of us plus Sarah’s mom took a road trip west to see Bath and the Cotswolds. If I had actually written this blog entry in August or maybe September, I could have gone into all kinds of witticisms about every detail of the trip. Those details are long […]

Our Trip to Edinburgh

It’s official…I’m the worst blogger ever! Huzzah! Seriously, it’s just been hard to find time to blog, much less keep up with e-mails, phones calls, Facebook, etc. So much stuff has happened…is happening…that you should know about!

Let’s start completely out of chronological order with our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland (I’m starting here because […]

Our Trip to Oxford

So way back in May, we took a little weekend trip to Oxford…and then I forgot to blog all about it! That’s OK though…I forget to blog about lots of stuff. There isn’t a whole lot to say about the trip anyway. Sarah had some kind of voodoo/witchcraft class in Oxford, so we all […]

Our Trip to Belgium

You heard me right…Belgium! We had a 3-day weekend and wanted to take a quick trip. As it turns out, Brussels is only a 2-hour train ride from London, so we said “what the hell”! We hopped on the train, when through the Chunnel, took a left turn at Lille, and there we were […]

Our Trip to Disneyland & Paris

For Simone’s school break, we decided to take her to the Most Crowded Place on Earth Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland Paris! Also, for Sarah and I, we also went to the Most Romantic Place on Earth (except when you have a yappy 5-year old following you around everywhere) – Regular Paris!

So […]

Disneyland Paris Video Preview!

I’ll write more about our recent trip to Disneyland Paris and Regular Paris later, but for now take a ride with us on the Mad Hatter’s Teacups…

Simone Tells a Story

During dinner on our last night in Nice, Simone was making up all kinds of stories for us. I captured this one on video about a baby dragon…

Our Trip to Nice

Last week, we took our first vacation (holiday, they call it here) away from London (check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery). It’s been so cold in London (unusually cold Londoners tell us, and then there was the record-breaking snowfall…) that we decided to go as far south as we could stand by train, […]