Gainfully Employed

Hello and welcome to the world’s worst blog…where nothing ever gets updated! Truthfully, I haven’t posted anything in awhile because nothing was really happening, and I had zero motivation to post anything. Then suddenly, so much crap was happening that I didn’t have time to post anything. Then I realized that it had been so […]

Eric & Sarah’s London Adventure

As you’ve read, Sarah had an interview in London. The plane tickets were expensive (especially if returning within less than a week), so we decided to make a bit of a vacaion out of it. Now, it’s recap time! Everything all at once! Hooray! Oh, and you can click on […]

This is just so much fun…I wish the job hunt would go on forever

Now I have 2 interviews; one in Atlanta and one in London. Did I mention that I HATE flying! I am trying to interview in London for both, but the Atlanta recruiter does not like me very much at the moment, so I don’t know how that will go.

I now need to really get […]


I spoke with a very nice recruiter this morning (I am not being sarcastic) who told me there would be a rather slim chance that I could find permenant employment in the UK with no post grad experience. These are my new plans…

A. Cry, Drink, blame Eric, even though he has done nothing wrong