Photo Gallery

Devon - January 2010

We took a road trip to Devon with a bunch of our London friends. Beautiful!


England's Southeast Coast - October 2009

Road trip! Here's our little tour of England's southeast coast.

Bath & the Cotwolds - August 2009

Road trip! Sarah, Simone, Grandma Sue, and myself hopped in the Yaris and drove west to Bath and the Cotswolds.

Edinburgh - August 2009

For our last 3-day weekend of the summer, we took a hoped a 5 hour train north to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Oxford - May 2009

Sarah had a class in Oxford, so we all went and made a weekend of it.

Belgium - May 2009

We had a 3 day weekend, so we thought "Let's go to's just right over there!"

Disneyland & Paris - April 2009

Our trip to Disneyland Paris and the regular Paris.

Jason & Brian's Visit - March 2009

Our first visitors, Jason and Brian! We did lots and lots of touristy stuff that we haven't done in awhile...

Our Trip to Nice, France - February 2009

For our first holiday from London, we decided to warm up a bit in Nice. As soon as we got there, Nice got colder, London got warmer, and we all got sick! Oh well, it was still gorgeous!

Walk to Simone's School

Walk to Simone's School


Simone's 5th Birthday - December 12th, 2008

We celebrated Simone's 5th birthday (and 1st birthday in London!) by going to McDonald's, the London Aquarium, and Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland.

Our Future London Flat

Here's the flat we rented in London...without ever seeing it (except for these pictures, of course)!

Eastern Washington Ghost Town Tour - September 2008

We decided that we should do something “All-American” before leaving for London, so here's our tour of Eastern Washington ghost towns!

London Interview Trip - July/August 2008

Pictures from our trip to London for Sarah's job interview.

Our Old Spokane House (Goodbye!)

We loved this house very much. We put a lot of love and work into it, and Simone spent the 1st few years if her life here. We will miss it very much!